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Artist of the Month- Anna Chunn

Anna Chunn grew up with a mother who fostered her creativity. She learned to sew and create crafts in her early years, beginning as a fiber artist, painting (dying) silk scarves in 1984. Each of her scarves (referred to as “wearable art”) is a “one of a kind” piece. Anna’s interest in watercolor is a direct result of painting on silk. She has found that watercolor painting challenges her patience, which she has had to learn to control. To develop her art, Anna has studied with several well-known Bay Area teachers: Linda Sutton, Jane Loveall, Sandy Delehanty and Sue Clanton, Marsha Connell, Sally Baker, Tessia Blackburn, Jeannie Vodden, and Florence Lauzon. Florence was her first watercolor teacher, and her influence can still be seen in Anna’s paintings. But her best influence came from her mother, who inspired creativity through her parenting and artistic skills.

Anna’s inspiration comes from all aspects of her life. She enjoys trying to recreate what is in front of her in some artistic form such as matching colors, creating a unique pattern, or bringing two elements together in a painting. Her inspirations often come from nature. She has always loved flowers, trees, birds, butterflies, and other creatures. She loves exploring abstract designs in her acrylic works. Anna is a member of the Trilogy Art Guild and has exhibited in most of the art shows the Guild sponsors. She has received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons for her work, and even Best of Show for her “Black Butterfly” painting. Anna teaches two watercolor classes each week. She finds that her students greatly inspire her own work as she continues to educate them and herself at the same time.

Come and meet Anna at her reception on September 16, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at the RioVision Gallery